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MN Regional EHDI Teams

Overview: MN Regional EHDI Teams (pdf)

Minnesota Continuing Education Opportunities/EHDI

Continuing education opportunities related to Early Intervention, Early Childhood Special Education services, and EHDI initiatives are offered to Minnesota education professionals through the MN Low Incidence Projects, the Regional Low Incidence Projects, the MN Department of Education, the MN Centers of Excellence, EHDI Communities of Practice, the MN Department of Health, and the MN Collaborative for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

For more information, or to share a professional development request, please contact Kathy Anderson at Kathy.Anderson@metroecsu.org

For Teachers New to the Field

Minnesota Mentorship Program (MMP) for Low Incidence Educators

Contact Information

Kathy Anderson, M.ED., LSLS Cert AVT, Statewide EHDI Specialist MN Low Incidence Projects 
612-638-1546, kathy.anderson@metroecsu.org

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Lending Library Materials are available September through June for Minnesota residents only.

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