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Statewide Low Incidence Disability Specialist: DeafBlind Education Specialist: Minnesota DeafBlind Project


The individual occupying the position of Statewide Low Incidence Disability Specialist/Education Specialist will become part of a team in providing support for our Special Education Program in the categorical area of DeafBlind. This position is for 182 days per year (equivalent to 70% or .7 FTE.)*    Start date: flexible time summer 2019 and regular hours beginning September 2019.  
*This position is grant-funded and is available provided funds are secured each grant period.    
The activities of this position will include the following:

Statewide Low Incidence Disability Specialist: DeafBlind

  1. Serve as the primary educational contact for Minnesota school personnel and families with regard to technical support and resources in the special education categorical areas of DeafBlind (DB);
  2. Serve as an educational liaison in the area of deafblindness with appropriate local and state agencies in an effort to strengthen interagency collaboration and effectively address the needs of students and their families in current and future settings (Examples: MN Department of Education; MN Department of Human Services; State Services for the Blind; MN DeafBlind Project; rehabilitation and hospital programs; advocacy organizations);
  3. Facilitate the statewide DeafBlind Community of Practice meetings, including, but not limited to, giving professional development presentations; coordinating committee meetings; providing support with planning, registration, facility use, and technology support; and providing ongoing statewide updates;
  4. Serve as moderator of electronic communication forums and Mailing Lists, including membership management, approval of postings, and periodic internal system updates;
  5. Develop, organize and facilitate professional development opportunities and resources for a broad spectrum of audiences (including general and special educators, interveners, interpreters, families, and other professional service providers including administrators) which address the educational needs of students who are DeafBlind.
  6. Serve as an organizational and disability-specific representative and/or presenter in educational and community-based professional conferences, webinars, roundtable discussions, panels, exhibits, etc.;
  7. Actively participate as a member and disability representative in scheduled agency meetings, such as monthly Low Incidence Leadership Forum (LILF) meetings and MN Low Incidence Projects LIS meetings; and in Metro ECSU meetings, as appropriate;
  8. Serve as a disability-specific resource to all regions in Minnesota, including attending on-site regional CoP meetings, as appropriate; and maintaining close communication with all regional low incidence facilitators (RLIFs), including posting and sharing monthly updates;
  9. Provide direction and support for development and updating of public media sources such as social media, website content, online professional development tools, program brochures, and statewide disability manuals;
  10.  Development of annual program goals, including associated budgetary planning;
  11.  And other duties as assigned.

Education Specialist: Minnesota DeafBlind Project

  1. Complete Classroom Observation/Interviews using a variety of media (video recordings, virtual connection, in -person)  to identify technical assistance (TA) needs;
  2. Provide consultation and TA to families and schools teams;
  3. Stay current on research, best practices and evidence-based practices in the area of deafblindness; and be a resource to state agencies, schools and families about the research;
  4. Collaborate with Family Specialist regarding family support needs and family activities;
  5. Assist with the DeafBlind Census and MN DeafBlind Project grant-writing;
  6. Advocate for early identification and referral for Part C and Part B services;
  7. And other duties as assigned.


  1. Current DHH (Deaf/Hard of Hearing) and/or BVI (Blind/Visually Impaired) MN Teacher License
  2. Minimum of 5 years of experience teaching within the fields for DHH and/or BVI; leadership experience in an educational setting preferred.
  3. In-depth understanding and application of MN special education Disability Criteria, Statute and Rule in the areas of DHH, BVI and DeafBlind.
  4. Ability to direct own activities, prioritize work responsibilities, and complete work in a timely manner, including progress reporting as requested by the Low Incidence Projects director/Director of Special Education
  5. Effective interpersonal communication and leadership skills in a variety of settings and situations; demonstrates ability to work positively and professionally with others
  6. Displays a comfort in public speaking to small and large audiences; has conference speaking and/or professional development presentation experience

Application Guidelines:

Send cover letter, 3 letters of professional reference, and resume with vitae to:
Dolly Carr,dolly.carr@metroecsu.org
Please direct questions concerning salary and benefits to:
Ingrid Aasan, ingrid.aasan@metroecsu.org
Application deadline: March 22, 2019

Metro Educational Service Cooperative is a an Equal Opportunity Employer

Contact Information

Ingrid Aasan, Director of Special Education
612 638-1517ingrid.aasan@metroecsu.org

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