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OHD Technical Assistance Tips (MDE) (Updated 4/4/2017)

DSM Documentation Requirements for AD/HD
: MN Rule 3525.1335 Other Health Disabilities refers to ‘DSM criteria’ as opposed to a specific DSM version as the required documentation source for AD/HD. Although DSM-IV documentation is sufficient in determining continued eligibility for students with ADHD who were previously qualified under the OHD category using DSM-IV criteria, schools should only accept diagnostic documentation based on current DSM-5 criteria for newly referred students.

DSM Documentation: The diagnosis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder must include “appropriate documentation using DSM criteria that items A to E have been met” (MN Rule 3525.1335). However, MN Rule 3525.1335 does not explicitly require the provider to identify the items and accompanying symptoms for items A (1) or A (2) in the DSM that have been met. The only requirement is that ‘appropriate documentation’ must be provided.
Current interpretation of appropriate documentation could include the following:

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